Bozeman's Best Coin Store

We buy all coins U.S. and foreign. Gold jewelry,
Silver Dollars
 1964 quarters, dimes and halves
Junk silver
Silver rounds, estate jewelry,
Gold coins
vintage currency
proof and uncirculated sets
complete collections
wheat cents, Indian head pennies
buffalo nickels, gold and silver jewelry.

About Our Shop



Penny Ranch is a local Bozeman coin store.  We want to be the place were you know  your being treated fair. We want people to come back and it is very important that we keep our good reputation for being honest.

Rare Coins

We will buy almost any type of coins. That includes gold and silver coins, foreign coins, complete collections etc. We will take the time to get the most out of your collection when your ready to sell.


Coin Collecting supplies
We have many types of coin holders, baggies, flips, cotton gloves, hard cases, albums, sheets, tubes etc... If we don't have something, we will order it for you. 


We have a small amount of collectibles in the store. Things that you may find are   Vintage and estate jewelry, tokens, vintage currency etc...